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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. 

-Albert Einstein

I am a passion filled intuitive healer, mother of three, and an avid outdoor adventurer. I am a Reiki Master Therapist, a "space holder", a spiritual counselor, a teacher and forever a student of this life and all the beauty that it has to offer.


After getting my Theology degree, I chose to supplement my training with certifications in massage, biokinesiology, theta healing and multiple lineages of reiki. I have also studied many spiritual and mind-body disciplines including Shamanism, Shamanic drumming and Shamanic Reiki. My real world skills include Business/Life Coaching and Project Management. I have found valuable synergy in combining my love for nature with Reiki and Shamanic disciplines to create a unique and profound healing experience for my clients. I offer specialized Nature Vision Quests as well as a Women's Intensive Guided Outdoor Walking Meditation.  

I am truly honored and blessed to be a witness to and the conduit of such profound energy healing. 



This deeply restorative practice returns the body to it's own natural healing state allowing the release of emotional and energetic blockages within the body and psyche. I use a powerful, intuitive process specific to my clients to identify triggers, core beliefs, and limiting behavior patterns to guide them, inform their healing and assist them in letting go of "that which no longer serves". I also incorporate earth elements and sound to assist in the healing process and raise or change vibration. Reiki can be practiced one on one, in a group setting or by remote connection for distance sessions. 


You can find me teaching classes and workshops at local yoga and wellness studios and businesses across the state or in beautiful parks and wilderness settings. These classes and workshops focus on inspiration, meditation and breath work followed by a supported, restorative reiki practice. You will leave feeling inspired, grounded, and relaxed. 


Connecting with nature is one of the most effective ways to reset and get grounded. Join me for a snowshoe or hiking day trip in the mountains or a weekend excursion for a retreat style adventure into the self. Embrace an opportunity to connect and reset with meditation, self reflection, a release ceremony and some good old fashion movement. 


Cori came into my life at a very challenging time when my newborn baby was in the hospital fighting for her life. I was drawn to Reiki though I had little experience with it. Cori was recommended by a close friend, so I knew I could trust her. She came to the hospital for sessions with me and my little one and provided ongoing energy work in between sessions. Cori was lovely to be with and I experienced a strong connection to spirit while working with her. It gave me strength to see how lovingly she worked with my child and how my child responded to the treatments. My baby was most definitely strengthened. I would recommend Cori again and again.  Although she has a powerful gift, she is down-to-earth and unpretentious...refreshingly real! 
- Jessica, Boise ID

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